Time To Grow Up

As most of you may already know, this is my last semester attending Biola University. I can't believe that in a matter of 71 days I'll be graduating with a BFA in Drawing/Design! So many years (technically 3 1/2) of hard work! I'm amazed on how much I've changed as a person and as an artist over these years. So blessed that with the help of God I was able to make it this far.  

Well, with that being said, reality has officially kicked in and as much as I wish this semester was more of a "kick back" season then my previous semesters, I'm afraid it's one of my busiest! With my Senior show to plan, completing my last 12 units, and finishing other side projects, I'm trying not to go insane here! I've decided to finally start my own [portfolio] website and get to blogging!  I look forward to the plans God has for me and I hope to share my experiences and creative ideas in order to motivate you, inspire you, or simply relate on the midst of this graduation/career journey!